About us



Our Story

Long before NuLife Natural Pet Health ever had a product for sale, it was simply an idea hatched by Gavin - an avid pet lover, who welcomed Benson into his home after finding him at a rescue shelter a few years ago. Benson, a lovable English Cocker Spaniel, sadly wasn’t treated very well by his previous owners, so he was going to need a little extra help to get back in tip-top shape.

Gavin wasted little time searching for various pet supplements to help nurse his new companion back to health, and eventually did just that. Before long, Benson was healthy, happy and bursting with energy! However, Gavin couldn’t help but feel a bit shocked by how costly it was to provide his dogs with high-quality products and supplements, and it compelled him to want to do something about it.

Fast-forward a few years & Gavin and his four-legged friend are just as inseparable as they were back in the beginning. Having reached his seventh birthday and now into his senior years, Benson’s advanced age had started catching up with him and gradually started to cause mild joint and hip problems. So, just like when Gavin first rescued his dog, he sprang into action once more to find a pet supplement that could help him out.

It wasn’t long before Benson had the spring back in his step again, and it wasn’t much longer before Gavin’s old idea started knocking around again. After seeing first-hand how much his dogs benefited from pet supplements, he grew increasingly concerned that other pet owners were not being offered the best quality products at the best possible prices. So, he finally decided to assemble a team of equally passionate pet lovers and start a company of his own - one that specializes in safe, effective and affordable products for pets and households.

So, the next time you try out one of our products and love it, don’t thank us. Thank Benson!


Our Mission

Established in Florida by Gavin and his team of passionate pet lovers that sought to provide safe, effective affordable, and high-quality pet care products to keep their tails wagging happily for a long time. Specializing in dog and cat care, our growing catalog of products are a result of intensive research to formulate highly effective pet supplements and domestic products to help better the well-being of our beloved four-legged friends.

At NuLife Natural Pet Health, the health and well-being of your cherished companion is of the utmost importance to us. We take great care in creating premium pet products containing safe and healthy ingredients manufactured in our FDA registered, GMP certified facilities in the United States. We chose this thorough approach to not only maintain the trust and confidence of proud pet owners through their patronage, but to also ensure their pets receive exceptional value for money products and supplements to simply, help your pets live a happier, healthier, and longer life.


Our Promise

We offer a 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee on all our products. We’re not satisfied until you are! We strive to provide the highest quality products available. We’re so confident in our products we’ll let you try them absolutely RISK FREE! If you’re not absolutely thrilled, you get all your money back. No questions asked!